Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Best Laid Plans

The other day I started a new painting, size 24" x 36". I had my reference photographs I had taken and I had it all planned out. I was excited about what I was about to create and I took great care as I proceeded.

At first I was happy with what was emerging and then at some point I just did not like what I saw at all. This is a departure from the norm for me as I usually love both the process and the results of my painting. What was wrong I was not sure but I did have the inkling that my style of painting was just too tight. Each element of the composition was painted well but the picture as a whole was just not coming together and it felt bland and boring. Even though I was only about half done I stopped because I knew I need to figure out what was wrong first.

The next day I went to Naples to deliver three paintings for the Art Encounter exhibit at The von Liebig Art Center. I took the opportunity to visit some of the galleries on 5th Avenue and it was so inspiring and refreshing to get out of my mind and into the work of other artists. I was also awed and humbled at the beautiful works that I saw.

Even before I got home I knew that the piece I had been working was indeed too tight and I have not touched it yet as I am not sure it is even redeemable. You can't change your style of painting half way through. It will probably need to be started from scratch or just painted over with something else.

What I have done is five new small paintings. I did the first three in oil pastels, which I have had sitting around for years, (all nine of them). This limited palette of colors and limiting medium were perfect to get me back to painting much looser and I love the results. Check out the new paintings at

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