Sunday, April 15, 2007

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No sooner had I written about why the Fine Art market is fickle and elusive and had mentioned the mass produced "art" from China, than I received a spam e-mail promoting this website

Talk about coincidence! Check it out and see for yourselves. (I especially love the translations.)

I wish the artists well because I have no doubt that they are artists, I just know that they are using their artistic talent to mass produce what they are told to. They are just trying to earn a living and pay their bills like anyone else.

I ask, how do I as an artist working in America compete? I cannot work for the same low wages that artists in China work for. Unlike them I am developing my own style and following my own conscience with my work. I paint what I believe in and I create original works, created from the depths of my being.

Whose works do you think will rise in value and/or become family heirlooms? Which artworks use quality archival materials that will last as long as possible, even hundreds of years?

Yes, the fine art market is not only elusive and fickle. It also requires a little research to make an educated decision as to what to buy if you want to start becoming an art collector or even just the occasional art buyer.

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