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Carol McArdle Goes Photo-Loco!

Saving Southwest Florida's Natural Landscapes One Shot At A Time

Fort Myers
April 6 2007

I need your help! I need to find a way to use my photographs of the local natural Florida to help SAVE my natural Florida. Can you help?

I am known as a painter for my various styles of fine-art, from murals and tromp l'oeil to abstracts and over the last year my Natural Florida Landscape Series has been popular and has had a lot of media coverage. Here's what has happened.

To get inspiration for my Natural Florida paintings I go to my local State Parks, Preserves, and anywhere else that the local Florida landscape is still natural. I take my digital camera with me and take hundreds and hundreds of photographs to use later for ideas and references for my paintings. As I sort through my images when I get home I am falling in love with the photographs! So many of them capture a unique view of a landscape, seascape, flower, tree, etc. and deserve to remain photographs.

As an art form a picture is not a just a picture.

Photographs are very different than paintings. What makes a good painting may not make a good photograph and vice verse. I now have so many great natural Florida photos that I decided to sell them as well as my paintings. The affordability of photographs for people wanting to buy art is a big plus. Not everyone can justify the cost of an original painting. I do sell prints of my paintings and had intentions of setting up a webpage on my site but the photographs have taken the lead and now I have launched

Carol McArdle Photography where you can see the photos and buy prints from sizes 5" x 7" up to 11" x 14" and even larger prints of 16" x 20" by special order.

Here's where you might be able to help me

I want to hear if you have any ideas on how to give back to help preserve the local ecosystem. If I give a percentage of sales of the photographs, whom do I give to? Do you have any favorite groups or causes? I would really like to hear your opinions and ideas. You can e-mail me at

Free Photograph Print

As a thank you I will randomly pick an e-mail address from anyone who responds for a free 8" x 10" photo print of your choice.

Go to Carol McArdle Photography and enjoy the pictures and let me know if you have any ideas. (Forward this to anyone you know who might be interested)

Thank you,

Carol McArdle
(239) 267 4750

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